ONG Bars & Coeliacs

Carter Jones – London 28/01/19

I am delighted to be given the opportunity to write about ONG Bars. I have now been eating ONG Bars for almost three months without any adverse effects as a Coeliac. I find the ONG Bars to be healthy, nutritious and balanced. Through this product I am getting superfoods like chia and high-level of plant based protein that does not leave me feeling bloated. The ONG Bars taste amazing ! Both the Antioxidant and Superfood Energy bars are both delicioius its genuinely hard to believe that they are so healthy … but they are.
I also love the ethics and vision of the ONG Team, they are keen to go ‘give back’ and are providing free bars to the homeless ! Totally won over by this !
I look forward to the forthcoming bars and other products from this inspiring company.

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