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Custard Factory, Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom


ONG is an expression of how nature, science and evidence based research can amalgamate in equilibrium to bestow optimised, sustainable universal consumable energy options.

Our vision is to develop functional, affordable, convenient nutrition solutions to sustainably feed people all over the world; where basic right to good food & nutrition is constrained e.g. developing countries, famine, war & natural disaster stricken zones.

Paradoxically, in developed countries daily lifestyles are increasingly becoming fast paced routinely trying to fit everything in the day.

ONG is an apogee representation of “going back” to natural food sources and fusing scientific knowledge to developing optimised nutrition for the world we live in.

Ethics is core to the principles of ONG – It is our responsibility to create nutrition options utilising knowledge, experience and resources with a global mission to have a positive impact on society and the planet we live on.

Welcome to the ONG family.